What Should I Do When My Site Has Been Hit With A Google Penalty?


The virtual world is a very tricky place where you must be very careful of the moves you make. One of the important things you have to be careful about is avoiding penalties, especially google penalties. These penalties will act as a black spot on your site given its coming from a revered place like Google. The gravity of such penalties is such that it may take you years to get rid of it. Therefore, people often ask for possible solutions if they are ever hit by a Google Penalty. Here are some of the prudent steps that you can take to counter these penalties.

  • The Depth of the Problems

The first thing you need to do is check the gravity of the penalty. In order to gauge the dip in your traffic, it is advised that you use a decent and sound measurement platform such as Google Analytics for this purpose. It is better that you take a note of previous drops in traffic as well for your reference, something that can help you find any missed drops in the traffic. The goal here is to see if these things sync, as that will help you discover the actual issue.

  • Be Patient

The worst thing that you can do here is panic, which is probably the reaction you will have after being hit by the Google Penalty.  It is, for this reason, you will need to keep yourself calm and composed in a situation like this. We can assure you that if you exercise a degree of composure, you will be able to find the cause of such penalty in a period of 2 hours or less.

  • Check the Algorithm

There can be two kinds of penalties; either manual or algorithmic. If you see that the penalty is algorithmic in nature, then you can be sure that there are other sites which have been affected along with yours. The changes here can vary but all in all, if this is the penalty you have been slapped with then you should consider yourself to be lucky. The reason for algorithmic changes can be because of two reasons:

  1. Onsite factors
  2. Offsite factors

All you need to do is be vigilant and find out which factor is responsible for this change. Remember, this change does take time before you actually realize that there has been an actual change. So look for the warning signs beforehand and be proactive.

  • Manual Penalty

It is very important that you check which team within Google has sent you the penalty. If it is sent from the Google Webspam Team, then you can be certain that it is going to be a manual penalty. In this case, you will need to find if this is a penalty is related to the partial issue or a site wide issue. If you are not being able to view the problem, then it most likely has to do with some type of Google update.

If you’d like to know more about Google penalties, check out this list of 65 types of Google penalties that could harm your website.


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