Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools of 2016 for Startups

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Online marketing has taken the world by storm. Since most of the world is hooked to the internet, the most useful way of communicating with the potential customers is by reaching out via the internet. This is especially true for startups. Here is a list of the best free SEO tools of 2016 to optimize the search engine results.

  • Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics Tool provides you with one of the best options for SEO. This statistics tool can be used for search engine optimization by working on the organic traffic, focusing on the dependence of the landing pages, on the keywords, or on the theme.

  • Penguin Tool

This tool helps you identify and analyse the organic traffic on your website by breaking it down to the keyword level. In your profile, you will come across the organic traffic and also the updates to work on.

  • Google Analytics Referrer Ghost Spam Blocker Tool

As the name suggests, this tool works in association with Google Analytics to get rid of spam referrer sites. You can set more than 100 filters that would block the involvement of spam sites on your own website.

  • Google Search Console

Broken links, repetitive metadata, crawling errors are some of the issues that harm the search engine results of your site. The Google Search Console works on identifying these issues and getting rid of them, and it also focuses on the top keywords in your content.

  • GTMetrix

This SEO tool mainly works on analysing the speed and performance of your website by scoring each of the web pages. It gives you essential information relating to load times, code errors, image compression, and likes.

  • Open SEO Stats

This tool is basically an extension of Google Chrome that keeps you updated about aspects like the website Alexa rank, indexed pages, page rank, and likes.

  • Check My Links Chrome Extension

Broken pages can really ruin the optimization of search engine results. This is why we are provided with yet another chrome extension that helps you rebuild the broken links and complete the content. With fast actions, this tool will help you generate more traffic on your page.

  • Link Miner

This chrome extension goes a step further than the last one. Not only does it identify the broken links, but it also tells you how many outbound and inbound links are associated with the broken links. It gives you an idea of the best broken link which has minimum outbound links.

  • SEO Quake

This is a very useful, free tool that works as an extension of both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It gives you a complete audit result of the SEO of your site, and focuses on keyword density, internal and external link checkers, and likes.

  • KWFinder

This free tool is the most ideal option for long tail keywords. It focuses on providing keywords in context with a particular country and language.



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