The Significance Of Having A Mobile Friendly Website


Mobile-friendliness of a website is a leading ranking factor.  Picture this: You are going to your office and on the way, you would like to check all the latest news on your favorite website. You use your Smartphone to search for the website, and now there is a hitch. Besides the fact that it takes a real long time for the site to load, there are also some features which are not accessible from your Smartphone.

This is the exact reason why websites are losing their customers nowadays; inaccessibility of those websites on Smartphones.

People these days are so into their tablets and smartphones, that almost every person is connected to the Internet, making easier communication and more convenient in comparison with previous years. The increasing amount of online traffic is vital to many businesses which put websites for the companies to reach the target market easily. The Internet now has replaced  TV, print, radio etc., in advertising with better results and a cheaper budget.

Though putting up a website may be easy, maintaining and developing is a big challenge especially when the trend has changed from browsing with a desktop computer, to browsing with tablets and smartphones. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have websites that are mobile friendly.

Here are some points explaining why having mobile friendly websites is important?

  1. There has been a skyrocketing increase in people who are using Smartphones. These people usually prefer hand-held browsing over the conventional use of desktop computers.
  2. Various mobile companies deliver internet services on mobiles for free. Studies reveal that the mobile surfing has been increasing continuously, and people use mobile internet at least 2 times a day. Now, these statistics can be a great opportunity for all businesses to develop mobile friendly websites.
  3. GPS is constantly helping users find places on the internet. So, it is beneficial for websites which are mobile friendly to be easily accessible, which will result in an improvement in a number of people buying or using their websites.
  4. Customers generally prefer to browse web pages which get easily downloaded on their phones. Waiting for the website to load seems annoying to many people, and a waste of teir time. This way, websites which are mobile friendly also increase consumer loyalty.

5.There is an ease of navigation available on mobile friendly websites as web developers will only include necessary and relevant information depending upon what a consumer needs.

Some important things to be considered when you have to make a website mobile friendly:

  1. Page speed- The pages should be such that they can be easily downloaded in few seconds regardless of 4G or 3G connection. Also, the performance should be sleek and smooth.
  2. Videos- Some Videos cannot be effectively played on few mobile platforms. This problem needs to be addressed by web developers.
  3. Share buttons- Information online tends to be shared by the people who read them. Thus, the share button should function properly otherwise the followers are lost.

Thus, with the increasing use of tablets and smartphones, it is very beneficial to develop mobile friendly websites which help in increasing social presence, brand trust, and customer loyalty.


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