The Power combo of PPC & SEO The Haven for Marketing

Google has been one big improviser with one update after the other. Though we have seen many updates till date, the last one to send ripples across was the final panda update from Google. The later stages saw a bit lift on the aesthetics with major changes to the ways ads are displayed on SERPs. And as with the latest observations, Google continues to tweak how online consumers receive content through the organic and paid listings on the search engine.

However, when it comes to Search Engine Marketing, there are two categories that can be broadly classified. One is Pay Per Click (PPC) and the other Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Though, both the categories are used in a pattern that suits the need of the campaign or marketing strategies. And most commonly, one is favored over the other. But, with the recent observations, it has been evident that the combo really works wonders for marketing online.

Though there are numerous reasons on why PPC campaigns vary and form a distinct prospect as compared to SEO, there are more reasons on why these should be used together. Below are some of the reasons that indicate the advantages of using PPC and SEO.

  • Leveraging PPC’s Keywords

One of the basic prospects of getting both together is the leveraging the keywords that lead to better visibility on the SERPs

  • SEO uncovers high-performance keywords

Keywords are vital, if you do have to get the right ones for the PPC, it is always better to get the high-performance keywords to get the roster with SEO efforts.

  • Real-time Parameters

When an ad is endorsed, it is quite obvious that the content is searched every now and then. So getting the content up there on the SERPs alongside PPC is the only ways to get the trust of the potential customers.

  • Targeting keywords with the use of SEO

Once, you have accessed and acquired the keywords, it is only through the SEO efforts that get you to target the keywords.

  • Assisted conversions

PPC is an integrated Ad platform that gets your contents displayed to your intended customers. But conversions are really a new dimension that gets in with more parameters included.

  • Improve quality of PPC campaign

When SEO has been used simultaneously with PPC, generally the quality of the campaign is significantly increased than otherwise.

  • Branding on SERP

If both SEO and PPC are used together, it has been observed that branding is elevated and drives more chances in brand building.

  • More leverage on the visitors to the site

As with the PPC campaigns, it is important to get that the content remains accessible and trusted to the interested customers that can only be enabled if the SEO is successful.

  • Provision for the use of Sitelinks to promote key content

With the use of PPC and SEO together, there is scope for using site links bring customers closer to impart the additional information through the campaign.

  • Space for changes and key improvisations

As with general notion, the use of both SEO and PPC together can provide a great deal of space to include improvements and changes as and when needed.

So It more or less noticeable that today’s search landscape has demands that can be met if an integrated approach is implemented with the thought of qualified consumers to meet what they need to readily deliver the best for the marketing aspects.


Source: Search Engine Land

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