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The Power combo of PPC & SEO The Haven for Marketing

Google has been one big improviser with one update after the other. Though we have seen many updates till date, the last one to send ripples across was the final panda update from Google. The later stages saw a bit lift on the aesthetics with major changes to the ways ads are displayed on SERPs. And as with the latest observations, Google continues to tweak how online consumers receive content through the organic and paid listings on the search engine.

However, when it comes to Search Engine Marketing, there are two categories that can be broadly classified. One is Pay Per Click (PPC) and the other Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Though, both the categories are used in a pattern that suits the need of the campaign or marketing strategies. And most commonly, one is favored over the other. But, with the recent observations, it has been evident that the combo really works wonders for marketing online.

Though there are numerous reasons on why PPC campaigns vary and form a distinct prospect as compared to SEO, there are more reasons on why these should be used together. Below are some of the reasons that indicate the advantages of using PPC and SEO.

  • Leveraging PPC’s Keywords

One of the basic prospects of getting both together is the leveraging the keywords that lead to better visibility on the SERPs

  • SEO uncovers high-performance keywords

Keywords are vital, if you do have to get the right ones for the PPC, it is always better to get the high-performance keywords to get the roster with SEO efforts.

  • Real-time Parameters

When an ad is endorsed, it is quite obvious that the content is searched every now and then. So getting the content up there on the SERPs alongside PPC is the only ways to get the trust of the potential customers.

  • Targeting keywords with the use of SEO

Once, you have accessed and acquired the keywords, it is only through the SEO efforts that get you to target the keywords.

  • Assisted conversions

PPC is an integrated Ad platform that gets your contents displayed to your intended customers. But conversions are really a new dimension that gets in with more parameters included.

  • Improve quality of PPC campaign

When SEO has been used simultaneously with PPC, generally the quality of the campaign is significantly increased than otherwise.

  • Branding on SERP

If both SEO and PPC are used together, it has been observed that branding is elevated and drives more chances in brand building.

  • More leverage on the visitors to the site

As with the PPC campaigns, it is important to get that the content remains accessible and trusted to the interested customers that can only be enabled if the SEO is successful.

  • Provision for the use of Sitelinks to promote key content

With the use of PPC and SEO together, there is scope for using site links bring customers closer to impart the additional information through the campaign.

  • Space for changes and key improvisations

As with general notion, the use of both SEO and PPC together can provide a great deal of space to include improvements and changes as and when needed.

So It more or less noticeable that today’s search landscape has demands that can be met if an integrated approach is implemented with the thought of qualified consumers to meet what they need to readily deliver the best for the marketing aspects.


Source: Search Engine Land

Get Your Paid Campaigns In Shape For The Holiday Season

Today’s markets a are way ahead in terms of competition, services and products. Even though the prospects look ideal and less complicated , the margin for error has been negligible and close of what absolute Zero could be referred as to in terms of incidence. Hence, it can be seen to have a virtual world of markets that may exist within a hand’s reach, yet you just don’t get the right things at the right time, when all that your efforts were needed. Definitely, seasons exist on the internet and you just need to vitally get the right things to work. And nothing more scores on the internet than paid campaigns.

With the recent turnout, it can be observed that online retailers are getting sophisticated and dynamic with the sole intention of staying ahead in the competition, Hence it is always an uphill battle that needs total efforts to even sustain in the market. As with any entity on the internet, there are tweaks, tips and special clauses that can get you some relief of the high tension that builds up on the internet. Though there are no miraculous solutions to the cause, certain strategies cab boost the productiveness of your efforts to get the better of the markets on the internet.

Strategically analyze the cross-device conversions

The means of online business was once linear and it meant only through the websites with a series of banking procedures and lots more of formalities. But the world today is a totally new paradigm that does indicate multiple source of access to the services and products of your business. Keeping an eye on the trends and transitions of the devices that are being utilized gets you more grip on the analysis and isolation of the customers that follow up the audience on the internet. Moreover, you can imbibe reforms and improvisations to suit and convert the business.

Prioritize and categorize bestsellers and top performers

Your products are important, and so is the seasonal preposition of the markets. So, within the phase of a season, you can only be assured to have more audience that you just need to have the right business. So, quintessentially, the bestsellers are the most precious and the prospects should just be aggressive and no effort should be left out to disclose the gaps. Many times, though it might not work as you would have wanted, but with the observations, patience has to pay off. Just keep shopping procrastinators on top of your thought process and you will have better control on your prospects in the market.

Observe your competitors for the same products or services

Competition is everywhere, even though not cruel, the existence does bring in trouble that is at times inevitable. In some of the context, though competitors does get you better advantage, but by far, on the internet competitors are bane that you need to live with on every front. A brief approach into the context of relative analysis with the competitors could gain you some useful insight that could eventually be used to improve the performance of the markets online.


Source: Datafeed

Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools of 2016 for Startups

SEO concept

Online marketing has taken the world by storm. Since most of the world is hooked to the internet, the most useful way of communicating with the potential customers is by reaching out via the internet. This is especially true for startups. Here is a list of the best free SEO tools of 2016 to optimize the search engine results.

  • Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics Tool provides you with one of the best options for SEO. This statistics tool can be used for search engine optimization by working on the organic traffic, focusing on the dependence of the landing pages, on the keywords, or on the theme.

  • Penguin Tool

This tool helps you identify and analyse the organic traffic on your website by breaking it down to the keyword level. In your profile, you will come across the organic traffic and also the updates to work on.

  • Google Analytics Referrer Ghost Spam Blocker Tool

As the name suggests, this tool works in association with Google Analytics to get rid of spam referrer sites. You can set more than 100 filters that would block the involvement of spam sites on your own website.

  • Google Search Console

Broken links, repetitive metadata, crawling errors are some of the issues that harm the search engine results of your site. The Google Search Console works on identifying these issues and getting rid of them, and it also focuses on the top keywords in your content.

  • GTMetrix

This SEO tool mainly works on analysing the speed and performance of your website by scoring each of the web pages. It gives you essential information relating to load times, code errors, image compression, and likes.

  • Open SEO Stats

This tool is basically an extension of Google Chrome that keeps you updated about aspects like the website Alexa rank, indexed pages, page rank, and likes.

  • Check My Links Chrome Extension

Broken pages can really ruin the optimization of search engine results. This is why we are provided with yet another chrome extension that helps you rebuild the broken links and complete the content. With fast actions, this tool will help you generate more traffic on your page.

  • Link Miner

This chrome extension goes a step further than the last one. Not only does it identify the broken links, but it also tells you how many outbound and inbound links are associated with the broken links. It gives you an idea of the best broken link which has minimum outbound links.

  • SEO Quake

This is a very useful, free tool that works as an extension of both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It gives you a complete audit result of the SEO of your site, and focuses on keyword density, internal and external link checkers, and likes.

  • KWFinder

This free tool is the most ideal option for long tail keywords. It focuses on providing keywords in context with a particular country and language.



PPC Landing Page Images: The Emotion and Science You Need to Know



PPC Landing Pages require a lot of thought about the idea and emotion you want to convey with these ad pages. You want to make it as appealing as possible since its main motive is to attract users. Making them is an art. There are certain emotions and psychological appeal you need to think about in order to make this artwork successful.

  • People Connect with Reality

Try to use photos of real people instead of using virtual reality gifs and images. For example, take an e-commerce oriented page, and try using photos of people using your products. It generates trustworthiness and authority of your site. It is a well-known fact that visuals capture more attention than texts. Moreover, faces make it more relatable for the users. It targets their mind which gets them attracted to relatable things, and in this case, faces of real people. Sure it is an expensive approach to start with, but it is worth in the long run.

  • Using Logos and Mascots

There are other options like using a mascot or logos. Using images of real people is an appealing idea, but the affordability is to be considered. The concept of logos and mascots is trending, and the idea appeals since, even though expensive, it is more affordable than the above, and equally appealing to the eye. Mascots often give across a message. It attracts the right attention since having a mascot shows authenticity into a site. It’s like the site has its own personality, a persona.

  • Directional Cues

Directional cues are an add-on for user attraction. If the person in the photo looks in a particular direction, the eye automatically follows suit. Subtle cues like these are very common in today’s ads. Pointing in a direction you want to direct the user also works well. Real gifs are also a great option since they show emotions and expressions that work as well as spoken or written words. On a low budget? Use arrows and line graphics!

  • Connect Emotionally

Each one of us has in our credits some done emotionally charged shopping. Why did that happen? What emotion did the site target to make us want to have it quick? It might have looked good on the model or the image might have made it look appealing. A cute mascot, a smiling face, a good looking product and many such things direct us to places we did not even intend to visit. It was the leading emotion.


  • Colors

Colors play a major role in daily life. They basically put life into things.  To give the right kind of life to your advertisement page, putting in the right colors is very important. Many surveys have shown the impact and influence of various colors on the moods of people. Use the right colors for coupling the text with the right background. The text ought to be readable.

  • Using Right Images and Colors for the Background of the Advertisement

It is what takes up most of the screen of the advertisement. It is the base of the ad, what the ad is built upon. Using the right image coupled with the right focal image can do wonders in creating an attractive appeal.

  • Authenticity

Lastly, it is very important to have authenticity, and that comes with the consistency of the said site. Try using the same image for your landing page of the site as you use in your advertisement. It lessens the time taken for the user to adjust to the newness, and makes it easy and quicker to move on to their task.

Keep these factors in mind, and you are good to go!


YouTube SEO Ranking Factors

YouTube SEO Ranking Factors

YouTube is the second largest among the search engines. Hence, it is relevant to surmise how you could benefit from SEO opportunities on this platform. It is also among the highest engaging social media platforms which has great reach and popularity. Moreover, YouTube expansion is eased by its integration in web search as well as video search. Blending YouTube in the SEO strategy is going to be extremely beneficial as it will enhance your market reach, construct your presence, and get traffic to your business website. Besides, it will also help you go higher rankings in Google SERPs as well as YouTube results.

How to improvise your SEO with the help of YouTube?

There are certain factors that help you in making your SEO better by the utilization of YouTube. We have listed them below!

SEO Ranking Factors

  • Choose the appropriate keywords and targeted country

To begin with, you must choose the country where you have to rank yourself. Later, you must pick the appropriate keywords in the channel of keywords element to get ranked for your channel. The best thing to do is to choose keywords with search volume that is large enough and related to the related activity. You could make use of Google AdWords keyword tools to recognize that volume.

  • Explain your channel and include links

YouTube has got an “About” section. This is a great opportunity to describe your channel with the help of keywords and quality content pertaining to your activity. Also plan on including the website link and your social profile to aid users in finding your sites.

  • Link for the website

Increase your potential reach as well as brand authority by associating your website in the channel settings.

  • Optimize the homepage of your channel

YouTube gives you the option of setting up a video that will feature automatically when the user opens your channel page. This is a great chance to enhance engagement, stress on a particular service or product, and construct your brand authority. Including a link to your site in this video could help you grow traffic. You must also ensure the optimization of video playlists by themes or topics to help the viewers find your rich content effortlessly.


  • Promotion of the channel

Never forget promoting your YouTube channel among your community. Put up the link for your YouTube channel on your website, on all your social networks, and as any marketing supported sites as possible.

  • Video quality

HD videos are likely to rank higher when compared to low clarity videos. YouTube generally rewards HD videos in the search results to provide an impressive user experience. Users wouldn’t want to view low quality videos. Poor clarity videos will only lessen your credibility and brand awareness.

  • Social signals

The number of views, the likes, and the shares will impact the rankings of the YouTube video. Hence, ensure that you efficiently promote the content by sharing it among all the people linked to you through social networks.



How to Rank Your Local Business in Google Local Listing

How to Rank Your Local Business in Google Local Listing

In this article, we are going to discuss about local SEO. Local SEO is quite different when compared to normal SEO. Ranking high in Google Local Listing is also vital these days. It dependent on the location of your business, the niche, and the competition. We are going to tell you about a foolproof strategy to get your website in top ranks of Google My Business. Before we get into that, it is essential that we know precisely what Google Local Listing is.

What Is Local Listing Or Google Local Packs?

Whenever you run a search on Google, the results obtained which display a business name, address, phone number, map, and website are collectively known as Local Listings or Google Local Packs. These Local Listings must have a verified Google My Business Page to get a rank on Google

What Is Google My Business?

It is a free service or tool offered by Google for websites to handle their presence online in Google Search Results as well as Maps.

Factors You Need To Concentrate On For Ranking Your Business Higher

  • You must own a website, and must have ensured that your address is listed

You need to make sure you possess a claimed and verified Google My Business Page. You will either receive a postcard from Google for verification or at times the verification could also be done with phone calls. The choice, however, remains with Google. If your business is verified, you will definitely gain more credibility.

  • You must have a proper business category

For your business to rank properly on Google Local Packs, you need to define your business properly. For instance, if you are a dentist in your town and wish to rank higher, you must clearly update your category in My Business Page of Google as a dentist office. Many times, owners of businesses will not be listed in the appropriate category and thereby fail to make themselves visible in Local Packs. You must ensure that you clearly define your keywords on the page of business description in the My Business Page of Google. It will be effortless for Google to find you for the specific searched keyword. You must also add your location in the meta descriptions that on your website.

  • Amount of reviews you get from active Google profiles

You need to have good reviews for your website if you wish to rank high in Local Listings. Citations are usually the sources where your business is talked about around the web on sites like SuperPages, Yelp, Yellow Pages and so on. You need to have quality citations as they offer you authority as well as credibility for your website. It is essential that you maintain good rapport between the clients. Though these online reviews could be disturbing, you need to take the good with bad.  Hopefully, you have a lot more positive feedback then negative, and you develop further from any negative reviews.

Now get to building your local presence!!



How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Website


There are two ways of getting your new website to be indexed by Google. You could either wait for it to happen gradually, or make it quickly through certain actions. Check out these 11 steps you can take to get it done quickly!

1) Know how search engines work

Google relies on spiders that crawl around the web for new stuff and check what it’s about. If you are not wary about apt usage of keywords, you might be taken out of the index, which implies you won’t get ranked for any keywords. Ensure you have optimum keyword utilization for the spider to find your website.

2) Add a blog

Blogs are indexed quickly compared to static pages and also get more traffic. They are helpful for all sorts of businesses Though it asks for consistent hard work, you don’t have to write blogs everyday if you can write high quality blogs and share links on high traffic channels.

3) Make use of robots.txt

It is a text file that dwells in the root directory of your domain. It gives proper guidelines to spiders on which web pages they can crawl and later index, and also tells them what to stay away from. Also, it resolves problems of duplicate content by instructing the spiders to neglect them.

4) Make content strategies      

Content marketing is a very efficient method of getting indexed. Content marketers claim that blogging generates a positive ROI, about thirteen times more! You can use content marketing for your benefit by guest blogging on various websites that fall under your niche. Any content that is high in quality will garner you reputation as well. Make proper strategies.

5) A sitemap could be created and submitted       

Sitemaps lists all pages for your site and alerts search engines when somethings are changed. Sitemaps will affect your ranking considerably. They get your content crawled and also indexed quickly. Google itself states that sitemaps ensure they know about URLs on the website. Create and publish quality sitemaps for the same reason.

6) Google Analytics

Installing Google analytics will let Google know about your site which will cause crawling and indexing. You can also get advanced tactics that can be employed through Google Analytics.

7) Submit your URLs

You could so direct shot by submitting URLs of your website to search engines. Though there are speculations of it being unnecessary, it is never harmful. Besides, it wouldn’t take much time. Log into your Google account and go to the “Submit URL” option in webmaster tools.

8) Social profiles        

Search engines look upon social signals as well, which will prompt them to crawl and index the site. It will also increase your rankings. Create profiles for your website on social platforms.

9) Share links

You could put up links on your social profiles that direct audiences to your website. You could also send emails to people with your site’s URL on it.

10) Setup RSS feeds

RSS usually increases readership and the rates of conversion. It can also get your page indexed. It lets the search engine know about your new posts and publishing. Setting it up can help your site considerably.

11) Submit to blog directories

Submit authoritative directories to sites with great quality in domain authority rankings as it will not just put your content in front of a new audience, but also get incoming links which can get your page indexed.