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Five Steps To High-Performing B2B Promotional Campaigns

Image: Business 2 Community

B2B marketing is one of the most common forms of marketing these days. This is the process in which you are selling your products or services or running marketing campaigns of the same to other businesses for multiple reasons. This can be for general operations such as office work or supplies, or for selling the same product to other consumers or even in the form of a dealing between a wholesaler to a retailer.

So, how do we make such a B2B promotional campaign a success? Here are some ideas to follow.

Step 1: Research

This is the first and the most fundamental concept of the B2B promotional campaign. This is pretty much the key to every successful campaign. The first question you ask yourself before any such marketing strategies are formulated is, what forms my target audience and how do I connect with them? This is the question that needs to be answered first, backed with sufficient data. Once this part of the research has been taken care of, here are certain aspects to focus on: how do my potential customers behave? What are their social profiles like and what are they expecting from your sales team? What are the challenges faced by them on a regular basis and how your product or service can form a solution to that?

Step 2: Planning

Once the basic research phase has been covered, we move on to the planning stage. This can only be taken up once you have significant data pertaining to your potential client base. This would include jotting down a set of objectives, the possible methods to be followed and some measures to be taken up for emergencies. Good planning is imperative for a successful campaign.

Step 3: Implementation

Implementation is one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign. This is where you get down to business and initiate the process. People tend to falter even after having the best plans and strategies, due to a lack of implementation. Reaching out to the customers on the right platform will be the key to this concept. It is best to opt for mobile devices like the smartphones and tablets for this purpose.

Step 4: Optimizing performance

So you have the perfect plans and strategies in place and have started implementing them gradually, so is next? Performance is essential for a B2B marketing campaign. Optimizing performance from the resources at your disposal for the campaign will be important. For this, it is best to run a lot of tests on your marketing activities to ensure their efficiency.

Step 5: Reporting and analyzing

Once the B2B promotional campaign has been worked out, it is essential to look back and tabulate a report of its success in order to analyze the campaign and propose solutions for future events. It is also important to make a note of the conversion rates instead of just focussing on brand awareness. A thorough study will help you devise better plans for the future campaigns and increase brand visibility.


Source: Tomorrow People

The Power combo of PPC & SEO The Haven for Marketing

Google has been one big improviser with one update after the other. Though we have seen many updates till date, the last one to send ripples across was the final panda update from Google. The later stages saw a bit lift on the aesthetics with major changes to the ways ads are displayed on SERPs. And as with the latest observations, Google continues to tweak how online consumers receive content through the organic and paid listings on the search engine.

However, when it comes to Search Engine Marketing, there are two categories that can be broadly classified. One is Pay Per Click (PPC) and the other Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Though, both the categories are used in a pattern that suits the need of the campaign or marketing strategies. And most commonly, one is favored over the other. But, with the recent observations, it has been evident that the combo really works wonders for marketing online.

Though there are numerous reasons on why PPC campaigns vary and form a distinct prospect as compared to SEO, there are more reasons on why these should be used together. Below are some of the reasons that indicate the advantages of using PPC and SEO.

  • Leveraging PPC’s Keywords

One of the basic prospects of getting both together is the leveraging the keywords that lead to better visibility on the SERPs

  • SEO uncovers high-performance keywords

Keywords are vital, if you do have to get the right ones for the PPC, it is always better to get the high-performance keywords to get the roster with SEO efforts.

  • Real-time Parameters

When an ad is endorsed, it is quite obvious that the content is searched every now and then. So getting the content up there on the SERPs alongside PPC is the only ways to get the trust of the potential customers.

  • Targeting keywords with the use of SEO

Once, you have accessed and acquired the keywords, it is only through the SEO efforts that get you to target the keywords.

  • Assisted conversions

PPC is an integrated Ad platform that gets your contents displayed to your intended customers. But conversions are really a new dimension that gets in with more parameters included.

  • Improve quality of PPC campaign

When SEO has been used simultaneously with PPC, generally the quality of the campaign is significantly increased than otherwise.

  • Branding on SERP

If both SEO and PPC are used together, it has been observed that branding is elevated and drives more chances in brand building.

  • More leverage on the visitors to the site

As with the PPC campaigns, it is important to get that the content remains accessible and trusted to the interested customers that can only be enabled if the SEO is successful.

  • Provision for the use of Sitelinks to promote key content

With the use of PPC and SEO together, there is scope for using site links bring customers closer to impart the additional information through the campaign.

  • Space for changes and key improvisations

As with general notion, the use of both SEO and PPC together can provide a great deal of space to include improvements and changes as and when needed.

So It more or less noticeable that today’s search landscape has demands that can be met if an integrated approach is implemented with the thought of qualified consumers to meet what they need to readily deliver the best for the marketing aspects.


Source: Search Engine Land

Holiday Preparation for Ecommerce Marketers


Everyone prepares extensively for the holiday season. Companies prepare for their employee holiday bonuses, and your buyers are getting ready for a shopping spree. Average holiday shoppers will start their search at least a month ahead or more to prepare for the season. This means you have to be ready to offer them what they want well in advance.

Larger e-commerce marketers begin their journey 3 months prior or even before that. There are certain guidelines that can help you achieve the best results within no time, but it requires work put in to the back end to prepare for the optimal holiday season.
Here are some strategies to help you bring a high level of interaction with your buyers specifically in the holiday season.

Step 1: Review your previous year

It is crucial to analyze the previous year’s performance to find your popular pages during the season, popular holiday products, and promotional content sales and non-sales. Without these analyses, your SEO will be based on assumptions, and that can be as dangerous as assuming you are going to sell all your products in the first 5 minutes.

Step 2: Revisit your web rankings

The next step is to use the previous findings to define year after year performances. Knowing this data will help when you use it at its fullest capabilities. Web rankings showcase the popularity among your viewers.
You may find out that some of your previous popular pages have lost their ranking in recent years; it just shows opportunity for you to try bringing some of your new products to the limelight.

Step 3: Identify new content needs

So far all historic data has been gathered in the previous steps, now it’s time to process it into insightful, useful information.

Identify the trends, what the viewer is looking for, and what are your keywords for superior content. Prioritize the content and create an editorial calendar to keep track and improve efficiency. You can also use software for organized content production.

Step 4: Improve availability

The search engine will suggest your website to the viewer only if it has the keywords available. It’s important to attract new traffic, but it’s also equally important to keep your current visitors. The informative and essential pages like FAQ’s, return policies, order cancellation, and help centers should be within the viewers grasp and prominent. All customers are in a rush, and the most convenient option is the first option.

Step 5: Bring new deals to offer

The new deals offer page are one of the most viewed pages, and they need to be updated very often. It shows your involvement and the viewers are kept up-to-date. The content displaced has to bring excitement about the holiday season in the reader’s mind to keep them occupied until the season arrives. Leaving the deals page empty until the season arrives reduces your relevant search traffic, which is highly inadvisable.

The holiday season is the prime time for shopping, and the biggest event of the year in retail; the best deals, availability, and superior content can help you bring the house down like any other market leader.

Digital Marketing At The Core



A lot of people feel that marketing is something really boring, and they hate the thought of even doing it. Though at times you might come across someone who says there’s never a better time if you wish to market something, the thought that comes next is usually inevitable. What do people do as digital marketers? What is at the core center of digital marketing?

If you are a data scientist, an analyst, or a C-level executive, the jobs look intriguing and fascinating just like it has always been in the digital era. Yes, it’s about compelling messaging, storytelling, branding, starting and developing communities, and much more. However, based on methodologies and experiences, there is a more profound thing here. The job of a digital marketer is to understand how a human behaves, through research.

A lot of efforts go into tracking and making attempts of figuring out how software and machines could be harnessed to sense and decide human activities for getting actionable intelligence and insights which can offer good value to the targeted audience. This is the core portion of the work of digital marketers.

Humans are unique and fascinating creatures. One can certainly claim that we humans are almost the same and react typically and have predictable ways of behaving. However, the truth is that our minds can feel a limitless range of emotions, which often translate into different actions, unlike machines which abide strict rules set by the designer of the creators.

There could never have been a better time for becoming a digital marketer to learn and assess human behavior. Because in this era, we have amazing tools which can track various kinds of data show us a number and make total sense. The data can come from anywhere. Sensors made use of it to get climate info, posts on or to social networking sites digital images or videos, business transaction data, cell phones or GPS signals, etc! Data analytics are everywhere. A lot of these dates are public and can be tracked and quantified to use for purposes in the marketing world. From generating tailored content and segmenting the audience to funnel optimization, and more!

Buzzsumo is one good tool that enables you to track how your content is spread over social media. Then there is Marketing Automation which is a technology which enables one to track basically everything that is going on the web at the most fundamental levels.

PPC Landing Page Images: The Emotion and Science You Need to Know



PPC Landing Pages require a lot of thought about the idea and emotion you want to convey with these ad pages. You want to make it as appealing as possible since its main motive is to attract users. Making them is an art. There are certain emotions and psychological appeal you need to think about in order to make this artwork successful.

  • People Connect with Reality

Try to use photos of real people instead of using virtual reality gifs and images. For example, take an e-commerce oriented page, and try using photos of people using your products. It generates trustworthiness and authority of your site. It is a well-known fact that visuals capture more attention than texts. Moreover, faces make it more relatable for the users. It targets their mind which gets them attracted to relatable things, and in this case, faces of real people. Sure it is an expensive approach to start with, but it is worth in the long run.

  • Using Logos and Mascots

There are other options like using a mascot or logos. Using images of real people is an appealing idea, but the affordability is to be considered. The concept of logos and mascots is trending, and the idea appeals since, even though expensive, it is more affordable than the above, and equally appealing to the eye. Mascots often give across a message. It attracts the right attention since having a mascot shows authenticity into a site. It’s like the site has its own personality, a persona.

  • Directional Cues

Directional cues are an add-on for user attraction. If the person in the photo looks in a particular direction, the eye automatically follows suit. Subtle cues like these are very common in today’s ads. Pointing in a direction you want to direct the user also works well. Real gifs are also a great option since they show emotions and expressions that work as well as spoken or written words. On a low budget? Use arrows and line graphics!

  • Connect Emotionally

Each one of us has in our credits some done emotionally charged shopping. Why did that happen? What emotion did the site target to make us want to have it quick? It might have looked good on the model or the image might have made it look appealing. A cute mascot, a smiling face, a good looking product and many such things direct us to places we did not even intend to visit. It was the leading emotion.


  • Colors

Colors play a major role in daily life. They basically put life into things.  To give the right kind of life to your advertisement page, putting in the right colors is very important. Many surveys have shown the impact and influence of various colors on the moods of people. Use the right colors for coupling the text with the right background. The text ought to be readable.

  • Using Right Images and Colors for the Background of the Advertisement

It is what takes up most of the screen of the advertisement. It is the base of the ad, what the ad is built upon. Using the right image coupled with the right focal image can do wonders in creating an attractive appeal.

  • Authenticity

Lastly, it is very important to have authenticity, and that comes with the consistency of the said site. Try using the same image for your landing page of the site as you use in your advertisement. It lessens the time taken for the user to adjust to the newness, and makes it easy and quicker to move on to their task.

Keep these factors in mind, and you are good to go!


14 Game-Changing Digital Marketing Trends

14 Game-changing Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is one of the most efficient ways of promoting your business in this modern era, and you will be left behind if you do not stay with the trend.  Read on about the 14 trends in digital marketing that can totally change the game for your business!

1) User Generated Content

Consumers don’t just consume more content, but also generate more content. This is a great chance that you can reap with your marketing.

2) Mobile Videos

Most people make use of their mobile phones to view content whenever they wish. More than 29% of videos watched in the United States are watched on mobile phones.

3) Blogs

This is not really new, but it is growing enormously by the day. Most people use digital marketing desk blogs as vital content that could be created. More than visual pieces, podcasts, or videos.

4) Marketing that is Millennial Targeted

Millenials are a huge portion of the workforce now. There are about eighty million Millenials present in the US and they spend about six hundred billion dollars a year.

5) Facebook Videos

There’s an increase in the amount of consumers using Facebook to view more video content. In the first two quarters of 2015, Facebook had an average of four billion views a day and nearly half of the people on this platform viewed at least one video a day.

6) Social Commerce

Social media like twitter, for instance, have the “Buy Now” option in advertising. More than 64% of digital marketers deem social media as vital enabler of services and products.

7) Messaging Apps

These are a trend setting marketing strategies you should focus on. Six of ten apps used mostly, are messaging apps.

8) Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising will soon get a good share of budget of advertising. Americans spend about 24% of their time on media through mobile phones, after all!

9) Marketers Investing in Facebook

People are convinced that this social network has got its share in the limelight and now, the younger generations are getting away from the platform. Marketers, however, still believe that advertising on Facebook is a game changer.

10) Digital Prophecy

Digital marketing is only getting tougher. Marketers, at times, say that it isn’t really easy to stay updated with the present technology.  A lot of people hire individual experts known as digital prophets to assist in foreseeing the imminent trends.

11) Vertical Video

Marketers know this video is optimized specially for vertical screened mobiles. They are another prominent game changer!

12) LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

These three networks are the biggies in social media and can definitely impact greatly on your digital marketing strategies.

13) Growing Diversity on Pinterest

This is not just for ladies anymore! Men’s fashion is getting pinned up significantly these days.

14) Content Marketing Videos

Digital marketers are always obsessed with content marketing. Videos are turning out to be their favorite tactics of marketing their content these days.



YouTube SEO Ranking Factors

YouTube SEO Ranking Factors

YouTube is the second largest among the search engines. Hence, it is relevant to surmise how you could benefit from SEO opportunities on this platform. It is also among the highest engaging social media platforms which has great reach and popularity. Moreover, YouTube expansion is eased by its integration in web search as well as video search. Blending YouTube in the SEO strategy is going to be extremely beneficial as it will enhance your market reach, construct your presence, and get traffic to your business website. Besides, it will also help you go higher rankings in Google SERPs as well as YouTube results.

How to improvise your SEO with the help of YouTube?

There are certain factors that help you in making your SEO better by the utilization of YouTube. We have listed them below!

SEO Ranking Factors

  • Choose the appropriate keywords and targeted country

To begin with, you must choose the country where you have to rank yourself. Later, you must pick the appropriate keywords in the channel of keywords element to get ranked for your channel. The best thing to do is to choose keywords with search volume that is large enough and related to the related activity. You could make use of Google AdWords keyword tools to recognize that volume.

  • Explain your channel and include links

YouTube has got an “About” section. This is a great opportunity to describe your channel with the help of keywords and quality content pertaining to your activity. Also plan on including the website link and your social profile to aid users in finding your sites.

  • Link for the website

Increase your potential reach as well as brand authority by associating your website in the channel settings.

  • Optimize the homepage of your channel

YouTube gives you the option of setting up a video that will feature automatically when the user opens your channel page. This is a great chance to enhance engagement, stress on a particular service or product, and construct your brand authority. Including a link to your site in this video could help you grow traffic. You must also ensure the optimization of video playlists by themes or topics to help the viewers find your rich content effortlessly.


  • Promotion of the channel

Never forget promoting your YouTube channel among your community. Put up the link for your YouTube channel on your website, on all your social networks, and as any marketing supported sites as possible.

  • Video quality

HD videos are likely to rank higher when compared to low clarity videos. YouTube generally rewards HD videos in the search results to provide an impressive user experience. Users wouldn’t want to view low quality videos. Poor clarity videos will only lessen your credibility and brand awareness.

  • Social signals

The number of views, the likes, and the shares will impact the rankings of the YouTube video. Hence, ensure that you efficiently promote the content by sharing it among all the people linked to you through social networks.