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Google’s New Expanded PPC Text Ads The Impact On Advertisers


Google has been developing the strategies within to cleanse the look and feel in the global context. Quite evidently, the focus and the commitment have paid off to deliver ever clearer and transparent services from Google. The efforts to clear up the mess has not been a surprise move by Google, but only fewer times did Google consider the better prospects for those contrasting ad services on Google. In has been reported the new expanded text ads has been the latest addition to the roster of Google that is supposedly believed to be more successful in the coming years.

In essence, the replacement of the old text format will allow advertisers to have more space to display their ads. In more precise terms, advertisers will be able to add another 35 characters in the headlines and a combo of 80 characters in addition otherwise, to each of their ads. However, the change is supposed to be live from 31st of January, 2017. However, the experts have opinionated that these are bound to some visible changes in the ways advertisements are bound to reach the target audience. Let us review some of the projected changes.

  1. Increased conversion rates

Expanded ads are just better and there is no reason on why there should be any confusion. As the subsequent outcome, there is bound to be an increase in the conversion rates as projected by the experts. It has been however observed that conversion rate was 11.19% on the new advert as compared to an earlier format that had a rate of about 8.57%, which translates into an increase of 21.9% with the change of format.

  1. Increased click-through rate

The early tests on WordStream have noticed that the click through rate (CTR) will increase by around 20%. The same is bound to hit the mainstream adverts for almost the whole year.

  1. Transition of adverts calls for that extra work

With the change, it is estimated that advertisers will have a busy time ahead. As observed, the account manager on Google has to engage in migration of all the old adverts into an expanded format which calls for a great deal of work, to begin with. This, however, is not bound to bother the lower crest of the advertisers but has to be a great deal of work for the big shot advertisers.

Conclusively, it is a great deal of change from Google and possibly the biggest update to date in the context , even though it might look a little derailed from the mainstream efforts from Google in the last few years. Although it is quite obvious that the transition to the new format has a lot of benefits in store, just waiting to be pulled off. Also, the studies and the opinions of the experts have indicated the growth by around 20% in CTR on an average. Anyhow, it calls for a great deal of work and you better get the reserves with the Adwords editors, Excel, and Scripts to get the efforts on the path. It should make the efforts easier.

Source: ClicTeq