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Should You Be Doing Facebook Advertising

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Advertising on social media platforms is one of the most common aspects of today’s digital advertising world. The reason we choose social media structures like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes is that they provide access to a wide base of customers in one place. This does become a potential platform for marketing campaigns.

But is it really worth it? Do Facebook advertising campaigns really bring about positive results? Let us have a look.

Benefits of Facebook advertising:

  1. Audience

A majority of your audience is present on Facebook. Thus, there are high chances that you will find potential customers in the database. With around 22 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook is bringing business to new and established entrepreneurs across the globe.

  1. Advertisement fees

There are two aspects to the advertising processes on Facebook. First, contrary to popular belief Facebook advertisements are not free. You are getting organic leads from the advertisements posted, but they come for a price. On the other hand, compared to what the online marketing channels charge, Facebook charges only a fraction of the total amount and provides a bigger client base. Thus, Facebook is practically and essentially free for the marketing campaigns.

  1. Targeting capabilities

Facebook comes with amazing targeting capabilities. Not only are there different kinds of advertisements like pictorial ads, video ads, and the likes, but you can reach out to people all across the world, even the President of the United States.

  1. Conversions

One of the best aspects of Facebook marketing is remarketing. This is the process of reaching out to those people who have already visited your page on Facebook and foster an interest in your products. These are leads are on-the-fence. Facebook helps convert these leads into successful ones, giving high conversion rates for partially-convinced customers.

  1. Lookalike audiences

What happens once you have found yourself a strong audience base? You clone it to get more clients. The process is simple. Facebook has a new feature called ‘Lookalike Audience’ where it will narrow down your potential clients to a list of custom clients and then find you similar customers from their database. This helps your ad reach out to more people.

There have been situations where the news of Facebook ads being fraud was doing the rounds. But, essentially, over the years, Facebook has provided budding entrepreneurs with a platform to expand themselves. There are two aspects to promotion and marketing. In one situation, you can increase your brand presence, popularity, and visibility taking help from the social media platform. But, more importantly, you would need conversions on the leads. The objective of any advertising campaign is to build the base of customers and that is where Facebook stands up amongst the rest.

Facebook makes things comfortable for entrepreneurs and marketing campaigners by customizing the ads. For instance, if you want visitors from your Facebook page directed to your website, the ad will be custom-made accordingly. Teamed with Instagram, the marketing platform of Facebook works rather well for businesses.


Source: Disruptive Advertising

YouTube SEO Ranking Factors

YouTube SEO Ranking Factors

YouTube is the second largest among the search engines. Hence, it is relevant to surmise how you could benefit from SEO opportunities on this platform. It is also among the highest engaging social media platforms which has great reach and popularity. Moreover, YouTube expansion is eased by its integration in web search as well as video search. Blending YouTube in the SEO strategy is going to be extremely beneficial as it will enhance your market reach, construct your presence, and get traffic to your business website. Besides, it will also help you go higher rankings in Google SERPs as well as YouTube results.

How to improvise your SEO with the help of YouTube?

There are certain factors that help you in making your SEO better by the utilization of YouTube. We have listed them below!

SEO Ranking Factors

  • Choose the appropriate keywords and targeted country

To begin with, you must choose the country where you have to rank yourself. Later, you must pick the appropriate keywords in the channel of keywords element to get ranked for your channel. The best thing to do is to choose keywords with search volume that is large enough and related to the related activity. You could make use of Google AdWords keyword tools to recognize that volume.

  • Explain your channel and include links

YouTube has got an “About” section. This is a great opportunity to describe your channel with the help of keywords and quality content pertaining to your activity. Also plan on including the website link and your social profile to aid users in finding your sites.

  • Link for the website

Increase your potential reach as well as brand authority by associating your website in the channel settings.

  • Optimize the homepage of your channel

YouTube gives you the option of setting up a video that will feature automatically when the user opens your channel page. This is a great chance to enhance engagement, stress on a particular service or product, and construct your brand authority. Including a link to your site in this video could help you grow traffic. You must also ensure the optimization of video playlists by themes or topics to help the viewers find your rich content effortlessly.


  • Promotion of the channel

Never forget promoting your YouTube channel among your community. Put up the link for your YouTube channel on your website, on all your social networks, and as any marketing supported sites as possible.

  • Video quality

HD videos are likely to rank higher when compared to low clarity videos. YouTube generally rewards HD videos in the search results to provide an impressive user experience. Users wouldn’t want to view low quality videos. Poor clarity videos will only lessen your credibility and brand awareness.

  • Social signals

The number of views, the likes, and the shares will impact the rankings of the YouTube video. Hence, ensure that you efficiently promote the content by sharing it among all the people linked to you through social networks.



Avoid These Five Online Advertising No-No’s


Want to be a star? Is it necessary to be in Hollywood for that? No, who said that! All that you need is a YouTube account, and something new and interesting to share

With the advent of online advertising, one can do anything they wish to do. What used to be a work of specific companies can easily be achieved by anyone. You are good to go once you decide on the platform you want to work upon.

Though eye candy for all, online advertising can lead to serious problems. Here are simple mistakes that people are commonly caught up in

  1. Ignoring the Location Options

If you come across an ad on Google that has nothing to do with your country, the account manager did not choose the correct targeted location.

The Google AdWords advanced location options has three options. You need to choose ‘People in my targeted location’ to make your add visible within your country or location only.

  1. Placing Ads On Your Websites

Tools like AdSense make it possible to make money through advertising from websites. This a worthy option for large companies which do not deal with online sales.

Moreover, having ads on the selling websites doesn’t generate impressive revenue, and worse, it gives an option to competitors to promote their own products.

  1. Advertising “Yes-Man”

Great adverting tools like AdWords can provide as much benefit as they promise, if you understand how to use them, and do not fall into the “yes-man” syndrome. For instance, when you choose an option on AdWords like ‘Enhanced CPC’ for bid strategy, AdWords allows raising bids by 30% to provide better placement of ads.

Now, if you forget about the settings and set your budget, each time you do so, you would be increasing the allowance by 30%.  Make sure you understand how AdWords works before arbitrarily agreeing to your money being spent without your knowledge.

  1. Unable to Understand the Platform’s Algorithms

You should have a basic knowledge about the platform in order to make your advertising more effective. If you know the importance of using the right keywords, landing page, and ads, your quality score will increase which will lead to gaining more clicks.


  1. Competition With Yourself

It’s quite easy with bids to get carried away with them. Moreover, most platforms make you overspend on beating your competitors by giving suggestions. If you won’t pay, your ads won’t be as visible as they should be. But this does not imply you need to overpay for that mere reason!

You should bid according to your Rate of Investment. Overpaying not only costs you, it also raises the overall competition, raising bids all around.