Six Rules For Nailing Digital Analytics

digital-analyticsIt does not matter if you’re a huge organization or a tiny startup, these six important tips can help you greatly find success in digital analytics, regardless from which sources you’re measuring your metrics such as mobile apps, websites, social media data, or even marketing.

1) Master the fundamentals before you go for advanced stuff

Many organizations have short term goals, but cannot even obtain fundamental digital tracking analytics that are implemented on the website. The benefits from analytics certainly comes from the ability to obtain an integrated view of the customer. But you need to master the basics, and only later dive into the more complex analytics. The basics are basic for a certain reason. If you cannot have a firm foundation with proper data comprised of all systems, the integrated data will only be flawed, causing bad decision making. You need to accept the fact that your business will take its time to transition from small to big.

2) Don’t seek perfection

While you are trying to build a firm foundation and going towards better analytics, you must not be discouraged. There will still be a lot of gains that could be made through proper analysis of the data through web analytics, or the social network or mobile app data. Only later is it better to go with their total integration with CRM and other systems. Just because there is something very specific you have sought and haven’t got, doesn’t mean you are wasted. Forget perfection and try gaining valuable insights along the way.

3) Don’t bother about rights and wrongs

The best report of analytics is that one which answers the raised business question. There can’t be a ‘right’ answer or a single report. Dense analytics comes through the data usage for answering a business query. Hence, what sort of reports you must use, what data you need to collect, what sort of analytics you must do, all depend on requirements of the business you run. Do not stick to previously hailed guidelines, and do not refrain from doing something unique just because others tell you it is wrong.

4) People over technology

You can always do better if you have a smart group of people with inexpensive or free tools than when you have pricey tools with no proper team. However, people usually work with large organizations with less or no analytical resources. You cannot get proper analytics without analysts. Tools cannot perform how a human brain can. It is better to have an enthusiastic team to bother about analytics, than leave it in the hands of technological tools.

5) Grass isn’t greener

It’s not difficult to feel the grass seems greener; that a switch in the vendor can help you. It is not a new vendor who’s the solution for the problem, but the time you put in tidying, redesigning, and amending your implementation when you are going through the process of implementing a fresh vendor.

6) Don’t measure if you can’t manage

You should not analytics if you are not going to do anything about it. When you collect data and statistics, you must know what to do further and also know how that action can affect your cause.

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