Sitelinks, Callouts and Snippet Extensions Update – Aug 2017

Google ad extensions are very important for making text ads attractive. AdWords experts experience that after using ad extensions, click percentage & conversion increases. Site Links, Call Outs & Snippet Extensions are extending search ads &creating more information for users.

Studies say that smart phone users are continuously increasing.  In the last few years, Google has been continuously making many changes to search ads, character limits & extensions. On August 2017, a new update was released by Google about search ad extensions on mobile devices. We know that screens of mobile phones aresmall with the new update compressing search ads with extensions in a single line &tappable format.

Update1: User friendly tappable site links

Sitelinks make it easy for users to reach pages on a website directly to get information such as a store hours page, product pages and more from a Google AdWords ad. In the following image, we can see how looking at a search ad on a mobile devices used to appear before this update.

After this announcement by Google, we can now see this new site link look with both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links:

This new site link look is more attractive & friendly for users to move tabs right to left & left to right on mobile. These updates increase probability of clicks & conversions.

Update2: More readable callouts and snippets

Using Call Outs & Snippet Extensions, you can add extra information about your business such as facilities – 24*7 Support, $0 Fee etc. as well as types of services.

In the above image, we can see the new ad format & it shows that Google now has updated both ad extensions& appears in-line with text ads.

Previously both extensions appeared separately & showing below the ad copy but now it appears in a single line with ads. According to Google this new looks will make your ads more informative and engaging.

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