PPC Just Keeps Getting Crazier!


Google suddenly dropped a new bomb on all of us! Yes, this is about no more ad announcements on the right side. This only came as an affirmation since people were already talking about this for quite a while before Google actually made it official. There were a couple of prominent themes in the comments.

Greedy Google Money Grab

Given the fact that is applicable only to the queries that are highly commercial, a lot of people predict that this is a strategy to increase the CPC bidding as there are only four legitimate spots now that you can grab. The validity to this kind of thinking is seen and perhaps, it has truth to itself. Google is a company that is into public trades, and has responsibility that is fiduciary towards their stockholders. Google makes money through ads, quite simple.

No Warning

This sort of a comment was obtained through a lot of agency people initially, as it is going to represent a considerable shift in the strategy, and can likely affect both KPIs as well as results quickly. If Google turns this into a large change, they should have done some PR to make an announcement about coming before it went live.

Bad Timing

Friday is when this news came into the spotlight. That is a very bad timing from Google.

Mobile and Desktop Unity

Honestly, there weren’t many comments about this, but more of a personal insight. When involving search in Google on mobile devices, you have never seen ads on the right sides. With a lot of enhanced campaigns, Google had tablets rolled up with desktops, and now it is effortless to just roll up mobiles with desktops too. Though it would raise a great stink, it is an easy move for Google in case they wish to have another hike in CPCs.


The world of PPCs has gradually become more competitive throughout the years, and it will keep getting more competitive. There is no stopping this train and it is only wise to set yourself on it and make your journey. This is nothing more than a sudden acceleration only to take us further and faster. You must figure out how you are going to stay corresponded to such a development. If you have an agency, be prepared as a lot of clients will seek your help more than they ever have, and companies seek your help too. You don’t need to worry; you got this!!



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