Increase Power of Call Only Ads with Ad Extensions

Users like to get information about a product, service or person before making their buying decisions. Especially with local businesses, customers like to directly call before visiting any physical location. In these situations, Call Only ads are the best solution for advertisers. Call Only is an important and popular type of search ad. Using Call Only ads, you can receive direct inquiries through phone calls.

There are many advertisers growing their client’s businesses through phone calls from Google search on mobile. September 21st, 2017, Google announced an important update related to Call Only ads. This is the first time Google will show ad extensions with Call Only ads. This has resulted in positive increases in click-through rate due to advertisers now being able to show more information with product or service ads as well as giving users more reason to click on the ad.

Ads Extension with call only ads

Here is the list of extensions for Call Only ads, which advertisers will now see live with their ads.

  • Location Extensions – Shows business location with the ad and helps users who like to visiting store, office or physical locations.
  • Callout Extensions –Displays attractive offers and unique services like contact us 24*7, Free Wi-Fi etc.
  • Structured Snippets –Advertisers can show information about businesses or services. For example, if you are the lawyer and deal with personal injury cases then you can show the type of case such as car accident, bike accident, bus accident etc.

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