How to Turn LinkedIn Profile Views into Business

How to Turn LinkedIn Profile Views into Business

We will explain how you can blend powerful analytics of LinkedIn with automated quick one-on-one marketing tools for generating opportunities for sales in your business. Regardless of what is revealed publicly, LinkedIn has made the best-selling platform online for professionals all over the world. This is because LinkedIn has brought together four hundred million professionals into a single platform, and have organized them so well, that it is easy to instantly recognize who a person is, where he/she works, where they live, and other helpful details about them. What is better is that there are quick, scalable and efficient ways for instant sorting, organizing and tagging your best prospects on the platform to ensure your time is not wasted on professionals that wouldn’t want the service or product you would be offering.

The best part is LinkedIn even creates instant timing and context for building the kind of personalized one on one relationship which eventually turns into sales.

Reality vs Vanity

A great instance of this is the “Who has viewed your profile?” option on LinkedIn. You can’t deny that it is extremely beneficial knowing who’s checking on your profile in LinkedIn (if you don’t understand the benefit, you definitely need to read on!) We will tell you how you can engage such virtual visitors in quick time so that you rapidly scale and build those visitors into a great opportunity for sales on the online platform.

Idea 1) The outreach that is personal

Once you obtain the information about those professionals who have visited your profile on LinkedIn, which would contain their names, pictures, job titles and other useful data points, the next step is to take a quick scan on these professionals which would yield you potential quick wins. You could open their profile and obtain some extra personal as well as professional data about them and later send them an invitation to connect. Moreover, LinkedIn gives you the perfect context for inviting them. After all, that professional has looked into your profile, which only means they are familiar with you. If your homework is done thoroughly, there’s a fair chance that this person would be happy to receive the invitation. Then, you can develop a personal connection which will only benefit you.

Idea 2) Outreach that is automated and personal

There are loads of automated tools on the internet which would help you a lot in this regard. It includes LinMailPro, which is a browser extension from Google Chrome that seamlessly integrates into the user experience while LinkedIn is used online. It lets you send personalized invitations for every person who uses his/her name, and also contains a subtle message. It will allow you to tag every person as you invite that person. This means that once the person accepts the invite to connect, the prospect is sorted beforehand into a prepared list of potential new customers whom you could send one-on-one marketing and sales messages to.

LinkedIn profiles make it effortless to find, engage, and market to those people who want to use your services or products in the marketplace. Hence, it’s definitely worth a shot!

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