How to Rank Your Local Business in Google Local Listing

How to Rank Your Local Business in Google Local Listing

In this article, we are going to discuss about local SEO. Local SEO is quite different when compared to normal SEO. Ranking high in Google Local Listing is also vital these days. It dependent on the location of your business, the niche, and the competition. We are going to tell you about a foolproof strategy to get your website in top ranks of Google My Business. Before we get into that, it is essential that we know precisely what Google Local Listing is.

What Is Local Listing Or Google Local Packs?

Whenever you run a search on Google, the results obtained which display a business name, address, phone number, map, and website are collectively known as Local Listings or Google Local Packs. These Local Listings must have a verified Google My Business Page to get a rank on Google

What Is Google My Business?

It is a free service or tool offered by Google for websites to handle their presence online in Google Search Results as well as Maps.

Factors You Need To Concentrate On For Ranking Your Business Higher

  • You must own a website, and must have ensured that your address is listed

You need to make sure you possess a claimed and verified Google My Business Page. You will either receive a postcard from Google for verification or at times the verification could also be done with phone calls. The choice, however, remains with Google. If your business is verified, you will definitely gain more credibility.

  • You must have a proper business category

For your business to rank properly on Google Local Packs, you need to define your business properly. For instance, if you are a dentist in your town and wish to rank higher, you must clearly update your category in My Business Page of Google as a dentist office. Many times, owners of businesses will not be listed in the appropriate category and thereby fail to make themselves visible in Local Packs. You must ensure that you clearly define your keywords on the page of business description in the My Business Page of Google. It will be effortless for Google to find you for the specific searched keyword. You must also add your location in the meta descriptions that on your website.

  • Amount of reviews you get from active Google profiles

You need to have good reviews for your website if you wish to rank high in Local Listings. Citations are usually the sources where your business is talked about around the web on sites like SuperPages, Yelp, Yellow Pages and so on. You need to have quality citations as they offer you authority as well as credibility for your website. It is essential that you maintain good rapport between the clients. Though these online reviews could be disturbing, you need to take the good with bad.  Hopefully, you have a lot more positive feedback then negative, and you develop further from any negative reviews.

Now get to building your local presence!!



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Great tips for ranking in Google Maps. The article is short and sweet. Appreciate the points mentioned here. Would definitely work on it for better rankings. Thanks for sharing.

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