How to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn



LinkedIn is a unique social platform where you can find the true power of networking. In an era where everything is lightning fast and digital, keeping up with relationships requires a lot of effort and time. We often tend to forget that a healthy social relationship is also essential for a successful business. And when you are confounded as to how you can effectively build and nurture your professional relationships, LinkedIn comes in as the savior providing you with immense opportunities to connect to the professional world.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and leading social network that specializes in professional relationships. But it does not work the way the other social networks do such as Facebook and Twitter. It takes a little more than weak links and likes. You have to define your profile effectively. Only then can you move on to expanding your network.

Here are some ways to grow your network in LinkedIn.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Your profile introduces you to others. It is the first thing people see when you invite them. Hence, your profile should be precise and appropriate. Your headlines matter even more. These maximum of 120 characters can say a lot about you. Keep it short and precise.

Use keywords in your headline; it will be useful in LinkedIn searches. Remember to add a specialty section in your profile. Use keywords in this section to describe your particular skills.

You should also personalize your URL. Change the number part of the default URL to your name. This is helpful in optimizing your SEO.

  1. Adding New Connections

LinkedIn allows you to see the people who have viewed your profile. Use this feature to know the people who are interested in you. It will be easier to connect with them.

Establish your LinkedIn presence. Connect with your existing clients. Join groups of common interests. LinkedIn allows you to connect with about 50 groups. Be an active member and engage effectively, then try connecting with the group members who share a common interest.

  1. Personalize Your Invitation.

This is the part where you actually try to make a new relationship. Try connecting with people who have shared interest. You can find them from your groups. Remember to research their profile before sending the invite. Know about them. Include this information in your invitation. For instance, mentioning a common interest like marketing in an invitation will give it a personal touch. The invitee will also feel good about the personalized invitation. The chances of acceptance will be higher.

  1. Maintain Your Relationships

Make use of LinkedIn’s contact feature. This feature lets you keep in touch with your connections. It updates the information about them regularly. You can also use the blog feature to follow publishers. Engage with them and follow their original content. You can also post your content to build your connections.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform. It provides you numerous tools for expanding your network. Make the right use of these features; get the maximum for the valuable asset called networking.

Source: Business2Community


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