Holiday Preparation for Ecommerce Marketers


Everyone prepares extensively for the holiday season. Companies prepare for their employee holiday bonuses, and your buyers are getting ready for a shopping spree. Average holiday shoppers will start their search at least a month ahead or more to prepare for the season. This means you have to be ready to offer them what they want well in advance.

Larger e-commerce marketers begin their journey 3 months prior or even before that. There are certain guidelines that can help you achieve the best results within no time, but it requires work put in to the back end to prepare for the optimal holiday season.
Here are some strategies to help you bring a high level of interaction with your buyers specifically in the holiday season.

Step 1: Review your previous year

It is crucial to analyze the previous year’s performance to find your popular pages during the season, popular holiday products, and promotional content sales and non-sales. Without these analyses, your SEO will be based on assumptions, and that can be as dangerous as assuming you are going to sell all your products in the first 5 minutes.

Step 2: Revisit your web rankings

The next step is to use the previous findings to define year after year performances. Knowing this data will help when you use it at its fullest capabilities. Web rankings showcase the popularity among your viewers.
You may find out that some of your previous popular pages have lost their ranking in recent years; it just shows opportunity for you to try bringing some of your new products to the limelight.

Step 3: Identify new content needs

So far all historic data has been gathered in the previous steps, now it’s time to process it into insightful, useful information.

Identify the trends, what the viewer is looking for, and what are your keywords for superior content. Prioritize the content and create an editorial calendar to keep track and improve efficiency. You can also use software for organized content production.

Step 4: Improve availability

The search engine will suggest your website to the viewer only if it has the keywords available. It’s important to attract new traffic, but it’s also equally important to keep your current visitors. The informative and essential pages like FAQ’s, return policies, order cancellation, and help centers should be within the viewers grasp and prominent. All customers are in a rush, and the most convenient option is the first option.

Step 5: Bring new deals to offer

The new deals offer page are one of the most viewed pages, and they need to be updated very often. It shows your involvement and the viewers are kept up-to-date. The content displaced has to bring excitement about the holiday season in the reader’s mind to keep them occupied until the season arrives. Leaving the deals page empty until the season arrives reduces your relevant search traffic, which is highly inadvisable.

The holiday season is the prime time for shopping, and the biggest event of the year in retail; the best deals, availability, and superior content can help you bring the house down like any other market leader.

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