Facebook Launches New Facebook Pages Layouts for 2016

Facebook has started rolling out a fresh layout for the Facebook pages in 2016. In this article, we will tell you about the changes, and summarize the essential areas that have changed. These changes must be reviewed by the business owners to ensure that their content and page images look good, and also make sure that they are focusing on relevant tabs properly.


1) Page cover images are much clearer

Before, the logo stayed over the cover image. The new layout is designed so the logo stays alongside the cover image to the left side, which allows the whole cover image to be viewed. This is a vital move for passing across a powerful message to the page visitors! Now, brands must focus on designing their cover page accordingly for maximum benefits.

2) The logo is moved

As discussed above, the page logo stayed on the cover image at the bottom of the left-hand side of the image. But in this layout, the logo is separately situated on the left side of the column area. The size of the logo is enhanced a bit, implying that anyone who uploads a smaller logo picture can see clarity loss. Hence, brands must upload a larger, clearer logo now.

3) Page tabs are clearer and organized

The page tabs that were beneath the cover picture earlier are now situated on the left side menu beneath the logo. Each tab seems like it is listed and these tabs could be removed if they are redundant or old. This is a good development, as it will enhance the reviews and services of the tabs. Facebook is setting up the pages like mini websites with this kind of a design.

4) Like, Share, and Message buttons now come beneath the cover image

Earlier, Like, Share, and Message buttons were overlayed above the cover image and aligned at the center. Now, these buttons are still beneath the cover image, but are located to the left side. In coming days, this can make way for a couple of more menu buttons alongside if Facebook comes up with something else to position there.

5) Call To Action is moved and made bigger

The Call To Action feature stayed over the cover image on the top, and wasn’t really prominent. But now, Facebook has turned it bigger, and has moved it to the right side of the page with a distinct blue color. This is expected to produce more click through rates as well as conversions.

6) The business category of your page is made prominent

The business category of the Facebook page is now aligned to the right-hand side, and is located below the button for the Call To Action. This has the potential to emphasize the category of the page much more distinctly.

These are some of the changes that have been made in the new layout of the Facebook page, and brands must make the most out of it!






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