Digital Marketing At The Core



A lot of people feel that marketing is something really boring, and they hate the thought of even doing it. Though at times you might come across someone who says there’s never a better time if you wish to market something, the thought that comes next is usually inevitable. What do people do as digital marketers? What is at the core center of digital marketing?

If you are a data scientist, an analyst, or a C-level executive, the jobs look intriguing and fascinating just like it has always been in the digital era. Yes, it’s about compelling messaging, storytelling, branding, starting and developing communities, and much more. However, based on methodologies and experiences, there is a more profound thing here. The job of a digital marketer is to understand how a human behaves, through research.

A lot of efforts go into tracking and making attempts of figuring out how software and machines could be harnessed to sense and decide human activities for getting actionable intelligence and insights which can offer good value to the targeted audience. This is the core portion of the work of digital marketers.

Humans are unique and fascinating creatures. One can certainly claim that we humans are almost the same and react typically and have predictable ways of behaving. However, the truth is that our minds can feel a limitless range of emotions, which often translate into different actions, unlike machines which abide strict rules set by the designer of the creators.

There could never have been a better time for becoming a digital marketer to learn and assess human behavior. Because in this era, we have amazing tools which can track various kinds of data show us a number and make total sense. The data can come from anywhere. Sensors made use of it to get climate info, posts on or to social networking sites digital images or videos, business transaction data, cell phones or GPS signals, etc! Data analytics are everywhere. A lot of these dates are public and can be tracked and quantified to use for purposes in the marketing world. From generating tailored content and segmenting the audience to funnel optimization, and more!

Buzzsumo is one good tool that enables you to track how your content is spread over social media. Then there is Marketing Automation which is a technology which enables one to track basically everything that is going on the web at the most fundamental levels.


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