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The Significance Of Having A Mobile Friendly Website


Mobile-friendliness of a website is a leading ranking factor.  Picture this: You are going to your office and on the way, you would like to check all the latest news on your favorite website. You use your Smartphone to search for the website, and now there is a hitch. Besides the fact that it takes a real long time for the site to load, there are also some features which are not accessible from your Smartphone.

This is the exact reason why websites are losing their customers nowadays; inaccessibility of those websites on Smartphones.

People these days are so into their tablets and smartphones, that almost every person is connected to the Internet, making easier communication and more convenient in comparison with previous years. The increasing amount of online traffic is vital to many businesses which put websites for the companies to reach the target market easily. The Internet now has replaced  TV, print, radio etc., in advertising with better results and a cheaper budget.

Though putting up a website may be easy, maintaining and developing is a big challenge especially when the trend has changed from browsing with a desktop computer, to browsing with tablets and smartphones. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have websites that are mobile friendly.

Here are some points explaining why having mobile friendly websites is important?

  1. There has been a skyrocketing increase in people who are using Smartphones. These people usually prefer hand-held browsing over the conventional use of desktop computers.
  2. Various mobile companies deliver internet services on mobiles for free. Studies reveal that the mobile surfing has been increasing continuously, and people use mobile internet at least 2 times a day. Now, these statistics can be a great opportunity for all businesses to develop mobile friendly websites.
  3. GPS is constantly helping users find places on the internet. So, it is beneficial for websites which are mobile friendly to be easily accessible, which will result in an improvement in a number of people buying or using their websites.
  4. Customers generally prefer to browse web pages which get easily downloaded on their phones. Waiting for the website to load seems annoying to many people, and a waste of teir time. This way, websites which are mobile friendly also increase consumer loyalty.

5.There is an ease of navigation available on mobile friendly websites as web developers will only include necessary and relevant information depending upon what a consumer needs.

Some important things to be considered when you have to make a website mobile friendly:

  1. Page speed- The pages should be such that they can be easily downloaded in few seconds regardless of 4G or 3G connection. Also, the performance should be sleek and smooth.
  2. Videos- Some Videos cannot be effectively played on few mobile platforms. This problem needs to be addressed by web developers.
  3. Share buttons- Information online tends to be shared by the people who read them. Thus, the share button should function properly otherwise the followers are lost.

Thus, with the increasing use of tablets and smartphones, it is very beneficial to develop mobile friendly websites which help in increasing social presence, brand trust, and customer loyalty.


Amazing Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Writing


This article relates to you if you are a blogger, a writer, or a content marketer. You need to adapt to changes. With the change in technology and expectations of consumers, there arises a need to systemize and increase in efficiency. Here is a list of 12 writing tools that will tell you what changes are needed to create a better content.

1. Atomic Writer
This is a writing tool that will let you know who your audience are, the reading level of your audience, and what type of content they will relate to. Through connecting with your social accounts and Google analytics, Atomic Writer can help you improve your content where necessary through historical data.

2. Skyword
This tool gives an opportunity to all those storytellers who are not writers, but great videographers and designers to turn their story into skilled and influential content. You don’t necessarily have to be writer to show your storytelling skills!

3. Draft
Draft helps by editing your work wherever necessary. Moreover, you can revert to your original line if the need arises. This tool allows articles to write for presentations and other work, not just for blogging.

4. Content Ideator
This tool will give you an abundance of existing titles when you enter a keyword to support any idea. You can use it in your own way to write nice content.

5. Daily Page
Through this tool, you’ll get a writing piece to write on everyday which is to be completed by the end of the day.

6. Write Pls
This tool provides list of articles to write upon that are published online.

7. Twords
This motivates you to finish your article with a sterling climax. You can track your progress and see on which days your endings were commendable.

8. Blank Page
It helps in inculcating the habit of writing daily. It allows you to write about 20 minutes daily.

9. 750 words
It tracks your writing goals within the word count of 750 words or three pages per day. This helps in cluttering new ideas throughout the day for the rest of the articles. Less distraction results in better flow of ideas and content, just like a good painting emerge when painting in secluded areas.

10. Zen Pen
It blocks out all the distractions and provides you a white screen to throw your thoughts off on it. Its editing functions are as simple as a plain paper.

11. Typed
It also provides the simplest screen to type on for better writing experience. Additional features can simply be used that are displayed on the window screen. It enables cloud saving.

12. Calmly Writer
It eliminates all the displayed items as you start writing. Only the current paragraph you are writing is highlighted, the rest is faded. It also enables cloud saving.

These are some of the amazing writing tools that you surely were unaware of. But not anymore!
Happy writing!!


10 Key Ideas to Get More from Your Website


Do you or does your business have website? Is this website generating you leads? If your answer is a big “NO” or “I DON’T KNOW”, read on!

What’s the Point?

What’s the point of having this website when it doesn’t generate you leads? Is it because 10 years ago someone told you to get a website so now you have one? Or is it because your competitors have websites and you feel like you need one too? Maybe, just maybe, you have created this website with great visions in mind, like helping you with business and creating a go-to place of information for your target market, but once this website has launched, it kind of faded into the background.

The point of any business website should ultimately be to DRIVE SALES.

This is the main reason why we create websites in the first place – to drive sales to our business or company. It doesn’t matter whether you built it just yesterday or 10 years ago, you probably had this vision in mind. Here are 10 ideas you can put into action to take your website from a stale, out-of-date mess to an online sales machine:

Simplify Your Home Page

A website doesn’t have to be all flowery with all the unnecessary details. What people want to see is a simple, on-point website where they can get all the information they need easily. Ask someone you don’t know to look at your home page, and then have them explain what you do. Eye-opening, to say the least!

Use Calls-to-Action

The power of Call-to-Actions is amazing. If you really want to drive, you have to give your website visitors an option to TAKE ACTION. It may not be buying a product on the site, but using a call-to-action (CTA) button is the ideal way to grab attention and drive action. A CTA can be as simple as “JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER” or “CALL US TO LEARN MORE.” It really doesn’t have to be complicated, just a simple phrase that gets everyone’s attention.

Start Blogging

I know adding this to your things to do is quite overwhelming, but doing good stuff starts with hard work. You don’t have to write every day, but start with once a week or once every other week. Blogging helps drive traffic to your site, it positions you as an expert, and it gives you something to talk about in social media (just to name a few blogging benefits). It also makes your website SEO friendly which is just what you need in order to rank and appear in search engine results.

Source: Linkedin