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Increase Power of Call Only Ads with Ad Extensions

Users like to get information about a product, service or person before making their buying decisions. Especially with local businesses, customers like to directly call before visiting any physical location. In these situations, Call Only ads are the best solution for advertisers. Call Only is an important and popular type of search ad. Using Call Only ads, you can receive direct inquiries through phone calls.

There are many advertisers growing their client’s businesses through phone calls from Google search on mobile. September 21st, 2017, Google announced an important update related to Call Only ads. This is the first time Google will show ad extensions with Call Only ads. This has resulted in positive increases in click-through rate due to advertisers now being able to show more information with product or service ads as well as giving users more reason to click on the ad.

Ads Extension with call only ads

Here is the list of extensions for Call Only ads, which advertisers will now see live with their ads.

  • Location Extensions – Shows business location with the ad and helps users who like to visiting store, office or physical locations.
  • Callout Extensions –Displays attractive offers and unique services like contact us 24*7, Free Wi-Fi etc.
  • Structured Snippets –Advertisers can show information about businesses or services. For example, if you are the lawyer and deal with personal injury cases then you can show the type of case such as car accident, bike accident, bus accident etc.

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Importance of Quality Score

Search ad campaigns connect advertisers directly to their audience by showing ads for users search queries on Google. Keywords are the base of text ad campaigning, right keyword targets generates profit while irrelevant keywords deplete your account budget. With Relevant keywords & ad chemistry, you can win more leads. Quality score is one of the important measurement scales for monitoring the keywords & ads for making a profitable campaign.

Basis of Keyword Quality Score:

  • “how relevant ads are to targeted keywords”
  • “quality of ad copy”
  • “how targeted are users to landing page content”

If keyword quality score is high then you can image that your campaign is properly setup with greater chances of earning profit but if scores are 5 or less, than that is an indicator that a campaign structure review is needed.

In May 2017, Google announced important updates for a deeper understanding about quality score changes & history. The new changes made by Google give flexibility by having a deeper understanding of QS metrics that allows you to act on new insights with ease.

Previously you had to move your courser over keyword status for info about quality score performance behavior.Let’s first take a look at the older option for QS recognition:

Here, this floating bubble shows you whether you were performing above or below average in these three areas (expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience). To make things a bit easier, Google has added 7 new status columns to the Keyword tab giving importance to the individual component of each keyword Quality Score.

  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience
  • Expected CTR
  • Quality score (hist.)
  • Ad relevance (hist.)
  • Landing page exp. (hist.)
  • CTR (hist.)

Google did this to give you a clear picture of the keyword current Quality Scores. You can see it by going on keywords selection -> Column -> Modify Column ->Select metrics -> Quality score

Historical Data of Quality Score:

Additionally, the newer version allows greater leverage with four columns of historical data with which to work.Historical data is keenly important for the betterment of campaign performance. You can identify with historical data byselecting the “day” segment of your keyword report.  This will display the daily Quality Score value at the end of each day.

Google understands that “the mistakes of the past prepare us for the future.” Thus, it has given an improved and new reporting tool which contains our previous data so that we can learn from it and make better management decisions if QS is dropped.

If we learn this new reporting and understand it in a better way, then it makes it simple for us to uncover specific areas like landing page experience& ad performance in our campaign. In conclusion, we are saved from guess work and perhaps driving the campaign in the wrong direction.

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Get Your Paid Campaigns In Shape For The Holiday Season

Today’s markets a are way ahead in terms of competition, services and products. Even though the prospects look ideal and less complicated , the margin for error has been negligible and close of what absolute Zero could be referred as to in terms of incidence. Hence, it can be seen to have a virtual world of markets that may exist within a hand’s reach, yet you just don’t get the right things at the right time, when all that your efforts were needed. Definitely, seasons exist on the internet and you just need to vitally get the right things to work. And nothing more scores on the internet than paid campaigns.

With the recent turnout, it can be observed that online retailers are getting sophisticated and dynamic with the sole intention of staying ahead in the competition, Hence it is always an uphill battle that needs total efforts to even sustain in the market. As with any entity on the internet, there are tweaks, tips and special clauses that can get you some relief of the high tension that builds up on the internet. Though there are no miraculous solutions to the cause, certain strategies cab boost the productiveness of your efforts to get the better of the markets on the internet.

Strategically analyze the cross-device conversions

The means of online business was once linear and it meant only through the websites with a series of banking procedures and lots more of formalities. But the world today is a totally new paradigm that does indicate multiple source of access to the services and products of your business. Keeping an eye on the trends and transitions of the devices that are being utilized gets you more grip on the analysis and isolation of the customers that follow up the audience on the internet. Moreover, you can imbibe reforms and improvisations to suit and convert the business.

Prioritize and categorize bestsellers and top performers

Your products are important, and so is the seasonal preposition of the markets. So, within the phase of a season, you can only be assured to have more audience that you just need to have the right business. So, quintessentially, the bestsellers are the most precious and the prospects should just be aggressive and no effort should be left out to disclose the gaps. Many times, though it might not work as you would have wanted, but with the observations, patience has to pay off. Just keep shopping procrastinators on top of your thought process and you will have better control on your prospects in the market.

Observe your competitors for the same products or services

Competition is everywhere, even though not cruel, the existence does bring in trouble that is at times inevitable. In some of the context, though competitors does get you better advantage, but by far, on the internet competitors are bane that you need to live with on every front. A brief approach into the context of relative analysis with the competitors could gain you some useful insight that could eventually be used to improve the performance of the markets online.


Source: Datafeed

PPC Landing Page Images: The Emotion and Science You Need to Know



PPC Landing Pages require a lot of thought about the idea and emotion you want to convey with these ad pages. You want to make it as appealing as possible since its main motive is to attract users. Making them is an art. There are certain emotions and psychological appeal you need to think about in order to make this artwork successful.

  • People Connect with Reality

Try to use photos of real people instead of using virtual reality gifs and images. For example, take an e-commerce oriented page, and try using photos of people using your products. It generates trustworthiness and authority of your site. It is a well-known fact that visuals capture more attention than texts. Moreover, faces make it more relatable for the users. It targets their mind which gets them attracted to relatable things, and in this case, faces of real people. Sure it is an expensive approach to start with, but it is worth in the long run.

  • Using Logos and Mascots

There are other options like using a mascot or logos. Using images of real people is an appealing idea, but the affordability is to be considered. The concept of logos and mascots is trending, and the idea appeals since, even though expensive, it is more affordable than the above, and equally appealing to the eye. Mascots often give across a message. It attracts the right attention since having a mascot shows authenticity into a site. It’s like the site has its own personality, a persona.

  • Directional Cues

Directional cues are an add-on for user attraction. If the person in the photo looks in a particular direction, the eye automatically follows suit. Subtle cues like these are very common in today’s ads. Pointing in a direction you want to direct the user also works well. Real gifs are also a great option since they show emotions and expressions that work as well as spoken or written words. On a low budget? Use arrows and line graphics!

  • Connect Emotionally

Each one of us has in our credits some done emotionally charged shopping. Why did that happen? What emotion did the site target to make us want to have it quick? It might have looked good on the model or the image might have made it look appealing. A cute mascot, a smiling face, a good looking product and many such things direct us to places we did not even intend to visit. It was the leading emotion.


  • Colors

Colors play a major role in daily life. They basically put life into things.  To give the right kind of life to your advertisement page, putting in the right colors is very important. Many surveys have shown the impact and influence of various colors on the moods of people. Use the right colors for coupling the text with the right background. The text ought to be readable.

  • Using Right Images and Colors for the Background of the Advertisement

It is what takes up most of the screen of the advertisement. It is the base of the ad, what the ad is built upon. Using the right image coupled with the right focal image can do wonders in creating an attractive appeal.

  • Authenticity

Lastly, it is very important to have authenticity, and that comes with the consistency of the said site. Try using the same image for your landing page of the site as you use in your advertisement. It lessens the time taken for the user to adjust to the newness, and makes it easy and quicker to move on to their task.

Keep these factors in mind, and you are good to go!


PPC Just Keeps Getting Crazier!


Google suddenly dropped a new bomb on all of us! Yes, this is about no more ad announcements on the right side. This only came as an affirmation since people were already talking about this for quite a while before Google actually made it official. There were a couple of prominent themes in the comments.

Greedy Google Money Grab

Given the fact that is applicable only to the queries that are highly commercial, a lot of people predict that this is a strategy to increase the CPC bidding as there are only four legitimate spots now that you can grab. The validity to this kind of thinking is seen and perhaps, it has truth to itself. Google is a company that is into public trades, and has responsibility that is fiduciary towards their stockholders. Google makes money through ads, quite simple.

No Warning

This sort of a comment was obtained through a lot of agency people initially, as it is going to represent a considerable shift in the strategy, and can likely affect both KPIs as well as results quickly. If Google turns this into a large change, they should have done some PR to make an announcement about coming before it went live.

Bad Timing

Friday is when this news came into the spotlight. That is a very bad timing from Google.

Mobile and Desktop Unity

Honestly, there weren’t many comments about this, but more of a personal insight. When involving search in Google on mobile devices, you have never seen ads on the right sides. With a lot of enhanced campaigns, Google had tablets rolled up with desktops, and now it is effortless to just roll up mobiles with desktops too. Though it would raise a great stink, it is an easy move for Google in case they wish to have another hike in CPCs.


The world of PPCs has gradually become more competitive throughout the years, and it will keep getting more competitive. There is no stopping this train and it is only wise to set yourself on it and make your journey. This is nothing more than a sudden acceleration only to take us further and faster. You must figure out how you are going to stay corresponded to such a development. If you have an agency, be prepared as a lot of clients will seek your help more than they ever have, and companies seek your help too. You don’t need to worry; you got this!!