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Google Can Now Spend Twice Your Daily Budget in AdWords

“Google announced it will be able to spend up to twice the average daily budget.”

What does this new update mean?

Website traffic is based on services or products, timing & ocean. If we analyze the Paid & Organic traffic of any website through analytics or other tools, we will find that it has ups & downs based on days.  During festival seasons it’s too high & during the holidays season it’s too low. It alldepends on timing.

This new update is dedicated to these types of situations. Google will now be able to use twice your average daily budget based on these conditions.  For example, iffor any particular day you are getting high click and conversion volume/conversion rate then Google will automatically raise your daily budget limit for those days& you will get the benefits of timing.

Benefits of budget update:

You can see in the above screen shot theupdatenotification from the Google support page. Essentially this is saying thatGoogle will automatically adjust your budget based on traffic volume whether high or low while maintaining your monthly budget limit. Due to this update, your adcould be visible too often as compare to normal days based on historical data & timing.

Over delivery and your daily budget

It begs the question that if Google can spend over your budget (twice the daily budget) then how much will it affect the monthly budget? What amount to set for the daily budget?

Google’s answer is that “over a month-long billing cycle, you won’t be charged more than your daily budget would’ve allowed for over 30.4 days.”

Note:30.4 is the average number of days in a month (365 days in a year / 12 months = 30.417). Google multiplies your daily budget by this number so we know what your budget should be over the course of a month.

We can understand this logic here by example:


Let’s say you set your budget at $5 a day and your billing cycle is 30 days. Over the course of the month, you notice that your charges vary. Some days you’re charged $2, on others you’re charged $10. But at the end of the month, your charges won’t exceed $152 (that’s 30.4 multiplied by your $5 budget). So even though your campaign costs tipped above and fell below your $5 budget from day to day, at the end of the month, you’re still charged no more than what you budgeted.


Our conclusion is that although daily traffic costs can vary up & down but at the end of month, you will see your costs within the limits that you had set and expected.

Sitelinks, Callouts and Snippet Extensions Update – Aug 2017

Google ad extensions are very important for making text ads attractive. AdWords experts experience that after using ad extensions, click percentage & conversion increases. Site Links, Call Outs & Snippet Extensions are extending search ads &creating more information for users.

Studies say that smart phone users are continuously increasing.  In the last few years, Google has been continuously making many changes to search ads, character limits & extensions. On August 2017, a new update was released by Google about search ad extensions on mobile devices. We know that screens of mobile phones aresmall with the new update compressing search ads with extensions in a single line &tappable format.

Update1: User friendly tappable site links

Sitelinks make it easy for users to reach pages on a website directly to get information such as a store hours page, product pages and more from a Google AdWords ad. In the following image, we can see how looking at a search ad on a mobile devices used to appear before this update.

After this announcement by Google, we can now see this new site link look with both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links:

This new site link look is more attractive & friendly for users to move tabs right to left & left to right on mobile. These updates increase probability of clicks & conversions.

Update2: More readable callouts and snippets

Using Call Outs & Snippet Extensions, you can add extra information about your business such as facilities – 24*7 Support, $0 Fee etc. as well as types of services.

In the above image, we can see the new ad format & it shows that Google now has updated both ad extensions& appears in-line with text ads.

Previously both extensions appeared separately & showing below the ad copy but now it appears in a single line with ads. According to Google this new looks will make your ads more informative and engaging.

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Importance of Quality Score

Search ad campaigns connect advertisers directly to their audience by showing ads for users search queries on Google. Keywords are the base of text ad campaigning, right keyword targets generates profit while irrelevant keywords deplete your account budget. With Relevant keywords & ad chemistry, you can win more leads. Quality score is one of the important measurement scales for monitoring the keywords & ads for making a profitable campaign.

Basis of Keyword Quality Score:

  • “how relevant ads are to targeted keywords”
  • “quality of ad copy”
  • “how targeted are users to landing page content”

If keyword quality score is high then you can image that your campaign is properly setup with greater chances of earning profit but if scores are 5 or less, than that is an indicator that a campaign structure review is needed.

In May 2017, Google announced important updates for a deeper understanding about quality score changes & history. The new changes made by Google give flexibility by having a deeper understanding of QS metrics that allows you to act on new insights with ease.

Previously you had to move your courser over keyword status for info about quality score performance behavior.Let’s first take a look at the older option for QS recognition:

Here, this floating bubble shows you whether you were performing above or below average in these three areas (expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience). To make things a bit easier, Google has added 7 new status columns to the Keyword tab giving importance to the individual component of each keyword Quality Score.

  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience
  • Expected CTR
  • Quality score (hist.)
  • Ad relevance (hist.)
  • Landing page exp. (hist.)
  • CTR (hist.)

Google did this to give you a clear picture of the keyword current Quality Scores. You can see it by going on keywords selection -> Column -> Modify Column ->Select metrics -> Quality score

Historical Data of Quality Score:

Additionally, the newer version allows greater leverage with four columns of historical data with which to work.Historical data is keenly important for the betterment of campaign performance. You can identify with historical data byselecting the “day” segment of your keyword report.  This will display the daily Quality Score value at the end of each day.

Google understands that “the mistakes of the past prepare us for the future.” Thus, it has given an improved and new reporting tool which contains our previous data so that we can learn from it and make better management decisions if QS is dropped.

If we learn this new reporting and understand it in a better way, then it makes it simple for us to uncover specific areas like landing page experience& ad performance in our campaign. In conclusion, we are saved from guess work and perhaps driving the campaign in the wrong direction.

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