Amazing Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Writing


This article relates to you if you are a blogger, a writer, or a content marketer. You need to adapt to changes. With the change in technology and expectations of consumers, there arises a need to systemize and increase in efficiency. Here is a list of 12 writing tools that will tell you what changes are needed to create a better content.

1. Atomic Writer
This is a writing tool that will let you know who your audience are, the reading level of your audience, and what type of content they will relate to. Through connecting with your social accounts and Google analytics, Atomic Writer can help you improve your content where necessary through historical data.

2. Skyword
This tool gives an opportunity to all those storytellers who are not writers, but great videographers and designers to turn their story into skilled and influential content. You don’t necessarily have to be writer to show your storytelling skills!

3. Draft
Draft helps by editing your work wherever necessary. Moreover, you can revert to your original line if the need arises. This tool allows articles to write for presentations and other work, not just for blogging.

4. Content Ideator
This tool will give you an abundance of existing titles when you enter a keyword to support any idea. You can use it in your own way to write nice content.

5. Daily Page
Through this tool, you’ll get a writing piece to write on everyday which is to be completed by the end of the day.

6. Write Pls
This tool provides list of articles to write upon that are published online.

7. Twords
This motivates you to finish your article with a sterling climax. You can track your progress and see on which days your endings were commendable.

8. Blank Page
It helps in inculcating the habit of writing daily. It allows you to write about 20 minutes daily.

9. 750 words
It tracks your writing goals within the word count of 750 words or three pages per day. This helps in cluttering new ideas throughout the day for the rest of the articles. Less distraction results in better flow of ideas and content, just like a good painting emerge when painting in secluded areas.

10. Zen Pen
It blocks out all the distractions and provides you a white screen to throw your thoughts off on it. Its editing functions are as simple as a plain paper.

11. Typed
It also provides the simplest screen to type on for better writing experience. Additional features can simply be used that are displayed on the window screen. It enables cloud saving.

12. Calmly Writer
It eliminates all the displayed items as you start writing. Only the current paragraph you are writing is highlighted, the rest is faded. It also enables cloud saving.

These are some of the amazing writing tools that you surely were unaware of. But not anymore!
Happy writing!!


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