6 Chrome Extensions to Help You Maximize Google Drive


Google Drive is one of the best tools right now! It is a low key tool that caters to millions of users on a regular basis. It helps you upload documents, pictures, and spreadsheets online which is something we come across every day. What’s more is that Google Drive stores files in bulk, including things that you cannot store on your personal computer. But that’s not it! It has a lot more to offer.

Interestingly enough, there are a number of ways in which you can maximize the capabilities of Google Drive. Here are 6 essential extensions you’ll have at your fingertips.


This is one of the secure extensions available from Google Drive. If you have one of those secret files you need to protect at all cost, Fogpad is your go to option. This gives you the chance to keep all your documents protected with an encryption. Whenever you have to access a file, you need to use a specific password for it. This password protected extension will keep your files absolutely secure.

Save to Google Drive

This is another useful extension that helps you mobilize the performance capability of Google Drive. This gives you the option to save web content directly to your Google Drive account. You could also save browser screenshots to your account. Whenever you come across a page or image you wish to save, all you have to do is right-click on it and then click on ‘Save image to Google Drive.’

Save Text to Google Drive

This extension in Google Drive, as the name suggests, helps you save information in the form of texts from web pages to your Google Drive account. So, that interesting post you saw on Quora can now be transferred to your account, and can be viewed any time.

Shortcuts for Google

Are you tired of switching back and forth across all the open tabs? Wouldn’t it be great if you had all of them in a menu accessible to you? This is what this extension brings to you. A pop up bar near the menu will feature all the Google owned sites and the associated sites like YouTube, Gmail, Picasa, and likes. This makes navigating across the different sites and apps a rather convenient process.

Pixlr Editor

In the era of selfies and photography enthusiasts, a photo editing app can do no wrong! This is a very handy tool to have. This extension features options like cropping, sharpening pictures along with adding filters and likes. This extension can be really useful!

Black Menu

Working with too many tabs at the same time might be a little difficult. This is the problem this extension desires to resolve. This pop up bar is present alongside any browser. This allows you to search for anything on the Google network without leaving the comfort of the current browser and set of tabs. The Google Network includes YouTube, Google Maps, Drive and likes.

Didn’t we say, Google Drive is a lot more versatile tool than you thought?  See! It’s true!!



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